Crunchy Cereal Tunes is the the first released Shag and The Cereal Boxes' album. It was released on April 14,2006. It was smash hit and had three singles released off it, 'You Can't Have My Fries','No More Lunchmoney', and 'We Are Out of Milk'. 

Track Listing                Writer          Time                  Notes                            Highest Chart Postion

1. Crunchy Cereal Tunes Shag 1.07 Instrumental NA 2. You Can't Have My Fries Shag 3.08 One of the most famous SCB songs 1 3. We Are Out Milk Shag/Flex 2:30 None 5 4. Toaster Time All 3.08 None 29 5. No More Lunchmoney Shag 2.56 N/A 4 6. I Wanna Be In AC/DC Flex 4.09 NA 10 7. Missing Elmo Slippers Shag/Flex 3.09 NA 109 8. (Missin' Those)Rainey London Days Timbers/Flex 7.54 NA 18 9 . S a y I t A g a i n Rebecca/Flex 1.59 NA 8 10. Johnny B Goode C. Berry 4.50 Na 189 11. Bon Jovi N Ozzy Don't Match Flex 3.09 Na 13

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