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Main CastEdit

Dayton- La'Shawnte

Kayla-Kaythrax/Kayeshiana Quackers Heyhey Jeremyina Ja'Quelah Koolaid Qu'Shawnda Velveeta Wanye's World Vajeena Shaynanay Fra-Ta-Ta Nirvana Pearl Jam Benedict Fly-Gurl Lexus May'Onn'aise Sharice All That Maryjane Kenan Kel Winn Dixie J.C. Penney Caprice Popsickle Orange Soda Paparappa-Van Vanellies

Kailie- Bon Qui QuiKain- La'Quinta Miquel DelletoneKalyn- Latisha ShaniquaShauna- Sha'Ronda "Shawnie" Sha'Taquile TryNelleAlyssa-La'Aly

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