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From Left to Right: Timbers, Flex,Shag Shag & The Cereal Boxes July 10,2010

Main Infomation
Shag-Shag "Shag" Shag Shaggington-Stankey is one of the base characters. She is the co-founder member of her band Shag and The Cereal Boxes, along with her bandmates, Victoria "Timbers" Bloo and Alexis "Flex" Green.
Other Inportant Infomation
Full Name: Shag-Shag Shag Shaggington-Stankey; better known as Shag Stankey
Birthday: December 22,1994( In Main Editions); December 22,1944, December 22,1964(Back To The Future Editions)
Death: May 27,2087(In Main Edititons); May 27,2030, May 27,2050(Back To The Future Editions)
Main Family: Shagga Shagginton(Mom) Shaggy Butter(Butterlocks)(Father Shaggy Stankey(Husband/Boyfriend) Shaggalaka Stankey(1st Daughter) Sparta Stankey( 1st Son) Narnia Stankey (2nd Daughter) Shaggylocks Stankey(2nd Song) Shagnastia Shaggington(Older Sister) Shaganatior Shaggington (Little Brother) ShagieShackster Shagginton(Little Brother)
Early Years
Shag was the second of four children born to Shagga and Shaggy-Butter. She has an older sister Shagnastia( August 15,1989) and two little brothers Shaganatior(June 10,1996) and ShagieShackster(born April 23,1998). She was favorited in her family.
Shag and The Cereal Boxes
At age four her father bought her some cereal boxes,pans, and wooden spoons to play with while her parents entertained guest to keep her occupied. She used the cereal boxes as bongos and the pan and spoons as drums. For her fifth birthday Shag recieved a real drum but she refused it and used the cereal boxes,pans,and spoons she had became ajusted to. Shag was enrolled into Parkersville Elementry School where she met British cousins Victoria and Alexis. They became quick friends.A Shag started writing song at age ten after being bullied such as 'No More Lunchmoney' and 'You Can't Have My Fries'. She also had problems when Victoria started inoring her after a big fight over a boy and Alexis moved back to London. By age eleven the bullies went away, Alexis came back, and Victoria and Shag made up. They formed Shag and The Cereal Boxes on July 21,2005.Shag and The Cereal Boxes released their first album, Crunchy Cereals Tunes on April 14,2006. Which sold 7,942,203, copies as of May 22,2012. It was well recieved and went gold on August 29,2006. It had fourteen tracks and had three singles released from it 'You Can't Have My Fries','No More Lunchmoney', and 'We Are Out of Milk' 'You Can't Have My Fries' went to number 1 on the Billboard Charts for four weeks and sold 4,953,360 copies as of May 22,2012. They headed back to the studios during May 2006-September 2006 and released their second album Honey, I Shrunk The Toaster on December 10,2006. It was a huge hit selling three millon copies in the first week. With twenty tracks and five singles where released of it,Honey,I Shrunk The Toaster', Brownie Time Supreme, Banging In My Kitchen', 'Lola's Lunchbox', and 'Twinkie Talk.

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