The Beatdown Plan: Toaster Invaders ,better know as The Beatdown ,is a 2005 comedy action drama flim staring Shag and the Cereal Boxes. It was released on December 22, 2005, and it was an instant hit with fans. The flim's soundtrack The Beatdown Soundtrack: Pumpin' Action was released on May 23,2006, by Shag and The Cereal Boxes.


Shag Stankey proposed the concept of the meeting in mid 2005 during a meeting with her bandmates. The flim was put on Shag and The Cereals Boxes Meetings Vol.3: A Closer Look which was released on their website on July 25,2005, DVD on December 27,2005, and then on Blu Ray on August 16,2012. The flim's budget was 16 million and in all 15,678,034 dollars were used for the flim.


The flim holds a 89% on Rotton Tomatoes and is a fan favorite. The flim was in theaters for three weeks and gained 45 million dollars. The movie was released on DVD on November 11,2006,Itunes on May 26,2006, and then on Blu Ray December 14,2008.


Shag Stankey as Shag Stankey/ Slappin' Shag

Alexis Green as Flex Johnson

Victoria Bloo as Timbers Bloo

Cruncher Muncher as Himself

Doo Doo Police as Doo Doo Police

Poo Poo Police as Poo Poo Police

Stuart Baxter, George Niles, and Maxwell Hopkins as Aliens

Mary Anne Sawyer as Tha Disco Owner

Wrestlers as Wrestlers

Mr. Man as Mr.Man


The flim starts with Shag and The Cereal Boxes performing their song, "Toaster Invaders", Cruncher Muncher is seen in the alleyway of where the band is performing. He is fiddling in a dumpster and gains an attentna. He hooks the attenta to a broken toaster thinking it will fix it. Out of nowhere Alien 1(Maxwell Hopkins) approaches and ask for a slice of bread. Cruncher Mucher hasity refuses and A1 is furious and snatches the toaster away. Cruncher goes to puncher A1 in the face when he is hit in the head with the toaster. He is then abducted to Tha World. Shag ends the show and heads backstage expecting to see Cruncher. When he isn't she is instantly worried and reports him missing. The police start searching for him. Shag looks in the alleyway where Cruncher lives in a box at noticing his toaster is missing she is convinced he has runaway. She is very concerned and starts making posters for him. She shes green gloo left by A1 and being an alien fan she instantly knows the speices. She reads up on the aliens and finds their homeland. She tells her bandmates and figures out how to enter their realm. They gain a tv satilate and a toaster. A3( Stuart Niles) appears and takes the bandmates and the toaster.

Now all the bandmates and Cruncher are locked up in a lab together. Flex is afraid, Timbers thinking this is all a dream, and Shag is trying to plan escape. Cruncher is weeping over his stolen toaster and Flex tries to calm him down to no extent. A2 (George Niles) approaches them and askes them what this "toast" is made of. Cruncher refuses to tell him and due to resisting he is punished by being whipped with a slab of toast. A2 strikes up a deal for Shag to become a wrestler at Tha Disco. She agreeds and gains the wrestling name Slappin' Shag.

Shag becomes a pro at wrestling and the deal is that she has to win twenty five matches but she only wins twenty four. So the bandmates start to hatch up a backup plan for escape. They gain cell phone reciption by using a computer generator and call Mr.Man for assistance. Mr. Man, who works for the FBI and CIA uses a secret world switcher generator that lands him up into Tha World. Mr. Man uses a disquises as the aliens are aware of him. He attempts to distract the aliens as a pizzaboy to give the band time to escape but they are captured and are given punishment. Shag for making the plan is banned from Shag Noodles, Flex is banned from listening to AC/DC for trying to escape, and Timbers, for helping the plan and attempting to escape,is hit in the head with a leather belt. Meanwhile Cruncher Muncher has been banned from toast till he confesses to it's recipe.

Mr. Man is also captured. His absentence worries the FBI and CIA so they send the DDP( Doo Doo Police) and PPP( Poo Poo Police) who are enemies to meet up thinking it is an interview. They get into a fight destroying the the lab which sets the band, Cruncher, and Mr. Man free. They gang up on the aliens and use a satalite to return home.

Once back home their story is highly detailed by the press and using a satalite the aliens are captured and taken to Area 51 where they are tested. Then they are sent to Alcatraz for breaking law 34 of The Alien Handbook. They are incarented for life.

Shag and The Cereal Boxes return to touring and Cruncher Muncher writes a book based on the exprience where he gains 35 thousand in sales which he uses to buy the golden toaster. The movie ends with Shag and The Cereal Boxes performing "You Can't Have my Toaster" based off of "You can't have my Fries." The credits start to roll with Cruncher singing "Choclate Rain" in the memory of his missing toaster which was it's favorite song. At the end of the credits In Loving Memory of Toaster Muncher 2004-2005.

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